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CFL - Abridged Special Teams Power Rankings Week 8 - Kickers and Punters

Was this week shorter than usual? Let's cut to the chase and discuss Statistics, Personal Bests, Power Rankings, and more in this week's write-up;



There was a lot of movement near the top of the Rankings this week, but not much near the bottom. As a whole, Kickers performed well, making 19 of their 22 field goal attempts, which is good for 86%. They also made 100% of their 16 Point After Attempts. Let's discuss how the players performed with a look at my (un)Official Week 8 CFL Kicker Power Rankings;

Working top down;

  1. Rene Paredes (CGY) played incredibly well this week, making all 5 of his field goal attempts. He also somehow managed to break his personal best by kicking a 53 yard field goal! You love to see it. He remains in the First Position in our Power Rankings.

  2. Brett Lauther (SSK) is back in the green after struggling through weeks 4-6. He is now sitting at 22 made field goals on the year (1st in the CFL) and will jump two positions due to his insane accuracy past 50 yards.

  3. Marc Liegghio (WPG) played very well this week as we were treated to a great kicking game when the Bombers faced the Stampeders. He went 2/2 on field goals and 4/4 on PATs. He will jump to the Third Position.

  4. David Côté (MTL) continues to impress as he goes 3/4 on field goal attempts this week but sees himself slide in the Power Rankings after missing his only attempt from 50+ yards.

  5. Sean Whyte (BC) experienced his first hardships in the 2022 CFL Season as he was only able to manage 2/4 of his field goals this week. He is still perfect on PATs this year but the hopes of a 100% season have been shattered. He falls into Fifth Position.

  6. Lewis Ward (OTT) had a great week, making all 3 of his field goals as well as his 2 PATs. The only reason he isn't in the Top 5 is because he hasn't made as many PATs as Whyte. He is breathing down Sean's neck and looks to jump into the Top 5 next week with another stellar performance.

  7. Boris Bede (TOR) will have his first good game in what feels like forever. He manages 2/2 on field goals and 1/1 on PATs. He needs more games like this to boost his completion percentage if he wants to return to glory. Also, his 42 yard long looked like it was good from 60 yards out.

  8. Sergio Castillo (EDM) had a Bye Week.

  9. Seth Small (HAM) could not impress me enough to jump out of Ninth Position this week. Still, he went 1/1 on field goal attempts and 3/3 on PATs. I want to see more kicks from over 30 yards before he climbs the Power Rankings.



Lots and lots of movement this week for Punters. Let's discuss how the players performed with a look at my (un)Official Week 8 CFL Punter Power Rankings;

Working top-down;

  1. Richie Leone (OTT) has the best week I think I've ever seen in the CFL for a Punter. He punted 6 times against the Argonauts and could do no wrong. He averaged 46 yards per punt but more importantly (and more impressively) earned 46.5 Net yards per punt. I have never seen a Punter have a Net Avg. that was higher than his normal Avg. in a game. He is cemented in the First Position in our Power Rankings.

  2. Joseph Zema (MTL) continues to show why he is a Top 3 punter in this league after punting 7 times for a Net Avg. of 41.7 yards per punt. He also hit 43% of his punts inside the 20 yard line, which is just ridiculous. He will jump into the Second Position this week.

  3. Marc Liegghio (WPG) had an off day, only punting 4 times against Calgary. He averaged 50+ yards per punt but was only able to muster 31.5 Net yards per punt. Winnipeg's coverage unit was caught sleeping, that's for sure.

  4. Stefan Flintoft (BC) is continuing to turn heads, and field positions, after struggling in Week 3. He had an average of 57 yards per punt this week. What a leg! He will look to improve his Inside 20% and Net Avg., and if he does, I have no doubt he will return to 2021 form.

  5. John Haggerty (TOR) is also playing very well as of late, continuing his upwards trend in my Power Rankings. over the last 3 weeks, he has punted 17 times, for an average of 48 yards per punt, a Net Avg. of 38 yards per punt, and has hit 35% of those punts inside the 20 yard line. On top of all that, 9 of his last 17 punts have been over 50 yards. He will make his debut inside the Top 5.

  6. Kaare Vedvik (SSK) did not have a bad week, things are just heating up around him. He punted 7 times for 300 yards (42.9 Avg.) and 269 Net Yards (38.4 Net Avg.) but will drop into the Sixth Position due to his low number of punts inside the 20 yard line. If he can get that % up, he will have no problem getting into the Top 5 again.

  7. Cody Grace (CGY) played in his third game this week but has already shown why the Stamps kept him over James Smith (Now with SSK). He jumps into the Seventh Position after a great game in Week 8 with 3 punts, 52.3 Avg., and 42.3 Net Avg.

  8. Edmonton Elks had a Bye Week.

  9. Michael Domagala (HAM) had a bad, bad week. He punted 7 times for an average of 46.7 yards per punt. The bad? He only managed 24.4 Net yards per punt. That's just not good. I thought the Ti-Cats knew what they were doing when they Traded away Jon Ryan.


Thank you for making it this far in my article! Please let me know what you think about the article through the contact page! Have a good day everyone :)


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