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CFL Special Teams Power Rankings - A Week 16 Review

Welcome to the latest CFL Special Teams Power Rankings, providing a comprehensive overview of Week 16's special teams performances. If you'd like to see a more in-depth review of this week's Special Teams Highlights, check out this article; Special Delivery. Let's discuss how the CFL Special Teams units performed in this week's review;



Here are the CFL Week 16 Kicker Power Rankings;

  • Kickers went 14/19 (73.7%) this week, a significant drop from the season average of 86.3% (290/336).

  • The longest field goal of the week was a 45-yard kick by David Côté.

  • Kickers were accurate on 20/22 (91%) PATs this week.

  • Dean Faithfull scored 2 rouges during the week.



Here are the CFL Week 16 Punter Power Rankings;

  • There were 49 recorded punts this week, just 7 short of the highest single-week count (56) this season.

  • Punters averaged 44.9 yards per punt, slightly below the season average of 47.1 yards.

  • The net yards average reached a season low at 30.4 yards this week.

  • 13 punts (26.5%) landed inside the 20-yard line, consistent with the season average of 26.3%.

  • Punters successfully placed 4 punts inside the 10-yard line.

  • 4 Rouges were scored in punt plays this week.

  • 2 Penalties were handed out to punters during the week.


Long Snappers

Here are the CFL Week 16 Long Snapper Power Rankings;

  • There were 29 Long Snaps in Week 16, close to the season's weekly average of 28.

  • Long Snappers recorded 24 out of 29 Long Snaps as Strikes, accounting for roughly 83%, slightly below the season average of 88% (401/455).


Kickoff Specialists

Here are the CFL Week 16 Kickoff Specialist Power Rankings;

  • There were 33 kickoffs this week, totalling 1,999 yards, with an average of 60.6 yards per kickoff—a season-low compared to the season average of 65 yards per kickoff over 441 attempts.

  • 7 kickoffs remained inside the opponent's 30-yard line, making up 21.2% of all kickoffs, aligning with the season average of 23.1%.

  • David Côté had one kickoff travel 80 yards and bounce off the upright, ultimately resulting in a dead ball at the 40-yard line, which has been counted as a Touchback, but it does not count as a Rouge.

  • 2 onside kickoffs were attempted, with 1 successful recovery by Adam Korsak.


Kickoff Returners

Here are the CFL Week 16 Kickoff Returner Power Rankings;

  • Kickoffs were returned 30 times for a total of 630 yards, averaging 21 yards per return, similar to the season average of 21.7 yards per kickoff return.

  • Only 4 of the 30 kickoff returns exceeded 30 yards, accounting for 13%, which is lower than the season average of 17.2%.

  • The longest return was 42 yards, achieved by Louchez Purifoy.


Punt Returners

Here are the CFL Week 16 Punt Returner Power Rankings;

  • There were 38 punt returns this week, averaging 12.4 yards per return, higher than the season average of 11.2 yards per return.

  • 8 punt returns (21.1% of all returns) covered more than 15 yards, matching the season average of 21%.

  • The longest punt return of the week was a spectacular 107-yard touchdown return by Mario Alford.

  • Javon Leake recorded the sole fumble of the week.


Coverage Teams

Here are the CFL Week 16 Coverage Team Power Rankings;

  • Coverage Teams allowed an average of 12.5 yards per punt return on 38 punt returns, slightly higher than the season average of 11.2 yards allowed.

  • For kickoff returns, Coverage Teams conceded an average of 21 yards on 30 returns, in line with the season average of 21.6 yards allowed.

  • There were 11 Penalties handed out this week, below the average of 15 penalties per week.

  • Notably, there was 1 blocked punt this week.


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