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CFL - Abridged Special Teams Power Rankings Week 4 - Kickers and Punters

It's a short week so let's cut to the chase! Let's discuss Statistics, Trends, Power Rankings, and more in this week's write-up;



Plenty of movement this week. As a whole, kickers performed well this week going 19 for 22 and averaging 86.4% of their field goals. Let's discuss how the players performed with a look at my (un)Official Week 4 CFL Kicker Power Rankings;

Quickly working top-down;

  1. Rene Paredes (CGY) is just money. I don't think anyone has performed better than him all season. That being said, Whyte was a very close second place.

  2. Sean Whyte (BC) goes 2/2 on field goal attempts and adds another 4 converts to his total. He is still on track (84 PATs over 18 games) to break the CFL All-Time Record for most 1 point converts made in a season (80, Mark Mcloughlin, '94). His perfect week moves him up a spot.

  3. David Côté (MTL) continues his perfect streak into the second week, making both field goals, as well as both convert attempts.

  4. Brett Lauther (SSK) will slide this week after only making 1/2 of his field goal attempts. He did, however, break the 2022 CFL Season Record for longest field goal when he kicked a WHOPPING 57 yard field goal!

  5. Marc Liegghio (WPG) will climb into the Top 5 after another perfect week. He exits Week 4 hitting 3/3 on field goals and 2/2 on Converts.

  6. Lewis Ward (OTT) will also jump a spot after he returned from a Week 3 Bye completing 3/3 of his field goals, but missing his only PAT.

  7. Sergio Castillo (EDM) drops 1 position after having the worst week of his 2022 Season. He went 2/3 on field goals and 2/3 on converts as well. I hope he can fix his issues from this week and move on.

  8. Boris Bede will remain in the Eight Position after a bitter-sweet 4th Week. He made all 3 of his field goal attempts and was 2/2 on Converts until it mattered most. With the score at 23-22 (MTL was winning) and 00:25 on the clock, Bede lined up for a routine Convert that would send the Argos to OT but shanked it wide left.

  9. Michael Domagala (HAM) has struggled... He went 75% on 4 field goal attempts this week and over the past two games, he has only made 70% of his field goals.



Not gonna be much in terms of analysis this time. I'll justify what I feel needs it so, let's discuss how the players performed with a look at my (un)Official Week 3 CFL Punter Power Rankings;

Quickly working top-down;

  1. Marc Liegghio (WPG) has another good game. No reason to de-throne him.

  2. Matt Mengel (EDM) had a disgusting game this week. The guy punted 5 times with a NET Avg. of 48.2 yards per punt! This is the best NET Avg. for a single game this year. I love watching this guy play. He jumps into the Top 2.

  3. Joseph Zema (MTL).

  4. Richie Leone (OTT) will come out of his Week 3 Bye and punt 9 times for a season high of 41.9 Net yards per punt. He is still a game behind a lot of punters, but he is paying very well.

  5. Stefan Flintoft (BC) had a better stat line in his third week but is still underperforming in my opinion. Lot's of games to be played and I trust he will rise in the Power Rankings soon.

  6. Simon Laryea (HAM) had his best game against the Elks last week, punting for a season high of 47.3 Net yards per punt.

  7. James Smith (CGY) bid farewell to the Stamps this week. He will be traded to the SSK Roughriders during their Week 4 Bye for a 3rd round pick in the 2023 Global Draft.

  8. Kaare Vedvik (SSK) is officially in the hot-seat. With Lauther announcing he will be playing during their week 5 matchup against Ottawa, that means James Smith was brought in as competition. I am rooting for Vedvik but definitely need to see some improvement if he is to keep the starting position.

  9. John Haggerty (TOR). I will wait for him to transcend into his Pre-Season form.


Thank you for making it this far in my article! Please let me know what you think about the article through the contact page! Have a good day everyone :)


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