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The Missing Piece; USFL's New Orleans Breakers Sign Michigan State Kicker Matt Coghlin

It's been quite some time since we've seen an active Kicker on the New Orleans Breakers roster. The wait is now over, as the team has signed Matt Coghlin on March 3rd. Let's discuss that;

Matt Coghlin Kicking a Field goal while playing for Michigan State
Matt Coghlin Kicking a Field goal while playing for Michigan State

Matt Coghlin is a 24-year-old originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, who looks to be the New Orleans Breakers' starting kicker for the upcoming 2023 USFL Season. The young Kicker will come into the league with an impressive record, having set multiple school records during his time playing for Michigan State University. Coghlin showed his talent throughout his 5-year career with MSU (2017-2021), having scored an impressive 382 points and making 74 field goals throughout his time with the Spartans. He had a good start to his collegiate career as during his first two years, he had an 80% success rate on field goal attempts (33/41) and even scored a rushing touchdown! Coghlin continued his success throughout his career, completing 76 of the 104 total field goals attempted (73%) and a perfect 148/148 on PATs. He also has experience in handling kickoff duties, averaging 62.7 yards through 80 attempts.

This is a momentous signing for the Breakers, as they have been without a kicker on their roster until now. Last year, we saw the Breakers find success in Taylor Bertolet, however, he has since left the USFL for an opportunity with the NFL. A reliable kicker can often make the difference between winning and losing a game, and with Coghlin's track record of consistency (PAT Success %) and strong leg (Here he is kicking a 67-yard field goal) the New Orleans Breakers can feel secure in their special teams unit. Fans can anticipate big things from him when the 2023 USFL Season begins on April 15th.


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