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UFL Special Teams Power Rankings - A Week 6 Review

Apologies for the brief update this week—I've had a lot on my plate. I'll be back next week with a more streamlined Power Rankings format that'll free up time without sacrificing the analysis you've come to rely on. With that being said, let's discuss how the UFL Special Teams units performed in this week's review;


Special Teams Player of the Week

Jake Bates - USFL Conference

Matt McCrane - XFL Conference



  Here are the UFL Week 6 Kicker Power Rankings;



  Here are the UFL Week 6 Punter Power Rankings;


Kickoff Specialists

  Here are the UFL Week 6 Kickoff Specialist Power Rankings;


Long Snappers

  Here are the UFL Week 6 Long Snapper Power Rankings;


Kickoff Returners

  Here are the UFL Week 6 Kickoff Returner Power Rankings;


Punt Returners

  Here are the UFL Week 6 Punt Returner Power Rankings;


Coverage Teams

  Here are the UFL Week 6 Coverage Team Power Rankings;


Individual ST Stats

  Here's who is making an impact on Special Teams;


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