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USFL's New Orleans Breakers UPDATE - Taylor Bertolet Signed

We have officially witnessed history everyone! The New Orleans Breakers have signed Kicker Taylor Bertolet to their active roster on Cinco De Mayo.


After 3 weeks of Austin MacGinnis, the Breakers have had enough and moved him to their inactive roster. During week 1, which was widely considered a write-off due to chips in the footballs, MacGinnis missed his only FG and only made 1-2 PAT's. Things did not get better after that, and he only ended up making 2 of his 5 field goal attempts, and 4 of his 7 PAT's. He finishes his USFL season with a 40% completion percentage and a long of 31 yards.


Taylor Bertolet - Texas A&M

Kicker Taylor Bertolet is a 29-year-old kicker out of Texas A&M. During his collegiate career he made 37 of his 52 field goal attempts (66%) with his best year coming in 2015 when he made 70% of his attempts.

Taylor Bertolet - New York Jets

Bertolet went undrafted in the NFL but got picked up by the LA Rams afterward. This was where he started his journeyman career, playing for the Rams, Broncos, Jets, Panthers, and Vikings. Throughout his career, he made 9/12 of his field goals, and 9/12 of his PAT attempts.

Taylor Bertolet - Salt Lake Stallions

So Taylor was unable to get a starting position in the NFL. With the AAF popping up over the Spring of 2019, it was the perfect opportunity for him to try his foot at football. Throughout the shortened 8-week season, Bertolet made 9 of his 14 field goal attempts, with a long of 54 yards. As we all know, the AAF did not stick around. Have no fear, Taylor played well enough to get a look by a professional football team, but not in the NFL.

Taylor Bertolet - Hamilton Tiger Cats

So here we are. Taylor Bertolet was picked up by the Canadian Football League's Hamilton Ticats. I covered a lot of CFL content last year before I was posting here. This was what I thought about him last year during week 1;

The Ti-Cats did something that I did not see coming, they have handed the keys to American Kicker Taylor Bertolet #18. He only got to handle kick-off duties during the 6-19 loss last week. Bertolet has bounced around the NFL and I watched him quite a bit during the AAF where he did not produce stellar results. Throughout their short-lived season, Bertolet converted only 65% of his FG attempts. The longest kick in his career came 6 years ago where he hit a 55-yard long FG in college. Baring some miraculous change in his kicking statistics, I do not see Bertolet spending much time up North.

Bertolet was one of my least favourite kickers in the CFL, where he would be so hot-and-cold that one week he would hit 5/5 on field goals and the next week 3/6. Bertolet managed to make 23/34 (67%) field goal attempts with Hamilton, though he was benched during weeks 3-6 for poor play.

I'm going to do my best to refrain from hating on the guy moving forward, but only because he's playing for my favourite team.


Thank you for making it this far in my article! Please let me know what you think about the article through the contact page! Have a good day everyone :)


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