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USFL - Special Teams Power Rankings Week 6 - Kickers and Punters

After a quick hiatus, I'm returning to take a look at the specialist's through 6 weeks of action. Let's see how they have been performing;



During the last two weeks of USFL Football the kickers have really stepped up their game. They have completed 18 out of their 23 attempts, which is roughly 80%. Considering that during weeks 1-4 of the USFL Season, kickers completed just under 60% of their field goal attempts, I'm sure my fellow special teams enthusiasts are pleased. Let's discuss how the players performed with a look at my (un)Official Week 6 USFL Kicker Power Rankings;

Working top-down;

  1. For the first time since Week 3, Brandon Aubrey (BHAM) will fight his way back to the top of the list. He is just so good at scoring points. He is probably the most consistent kicker between 20-39 yards (this includes PAT's). I can't wait to see how he finishes the season!

  2. Nick Vogel (HOU) will, unfortunately, drop a spot in this week's Power Rankings after completing just 2 of his 4 field goal attempts through the last 2 weeks. Week 6 was the lowest point of his USFL career, where he missed his only field goal attempt and only connected on 1 of his 2 PATs.

  3. Taylor Bertolet (NO) will stick around in the third position this week, after completing another 2 field goal attempts this week. I am looking forward to seeing how Bertolet will play in the remaining games.

  4. Tyler Rausa (TB) might be one of two kickers who I would consider "in the hot seat". He has not been given the opportunity to kick a field goal for 2 weeks now. He will remain in the fourth position for this week, but, he needs to prove he deserves to be there.

  5. Cole Murphy! COLE MURPHY! A kicker who has been in this league for a short, two-week stint, is your Week 6 Special Teams Player of the Week! He won this honor after making USFL history, kicking an impressive 56 yard field goal. The Panthers may have found their guy in Cole. If he continues on this trajectory, we could see him be in contention for the top 3 spots.

  6. Ramiz Ahmed (PIT) is the second kicker who I consider "in the hot seat". He missed one of his field goals last week and one of his PATs this week. He is hitting a season-low 61.5% of his field goals and, in my opinion, needs to improve if he wants to keep playing in this league.

  7. The final two positions belong to Austin Jones (NJ) and Luis Aguilar (PHI) respectively. Both have played well, but neither has had the opportunity to put up any kind of impressive numbers. Here's hoping both will be able to make a name for themselves before the season is through.



For the third week in a row, there remains little movement in the punter world. let's discuss it with a look at my (un)Official Week 6 USFL Punter Power Rankings;

Working top-down;

  1. Matt White (NO) had another stellar week, keeping his Net Average above 40 yards per punt. He remains in the number 1 spot this week.

  2. Colby Wadman (BHAM) will squeak into the second position after another stellar performance this week. He looks to be one of the best punters in this young league.

  3. Brandon Wright (TB) did not have a good time last week after posting very impressive numbers in the first half of the season. He will drop into the third spot but remains in contention for The USFL's Best Punter Award.

  4. Brock Miller (NJ) will remain in the fourth position this week. In my opinion, Brock represents a clear skill gap in the USFL. After Miller, the Net Average yards per punt drops by 3 yards a punt. If any of the remaining punters want to break the top 4, they will need to step up their game.

  5. Galitz (HOU) is managing to continuously improve his stat-line over the past 4 weeks, so he will remain in the top 5.

  6. Duffy (PIT) played well this past week but needs more hang-time on his punts to increase his Net Average of just 36.6 yards per punt.

  7. Luis Aguilar (PHI) actually had a really good game this week, where he managed to pin 5 of his 7 punts within the 20 yard line, and 3 of those inside the 10 yard line. Hopefully, he can keep these beauties coming.

  8. Unfortunately for Kyle Kramer (MICH) his first week out was, statistically, the worst week any punter has had in the USFL. Actually, the Panthers have had a very bad time punting the ball after letting go of Carrizosa (Who would be in contention for the third spot in our Rankings btw). Cole Murphy, the Panther's kicker, punted for them last week and put up the third-worst stat line in USFL history. Is it too late to ask Carrizosa to come back? Best of luck to Kramer.


New Heights

For the first time since the New Jersey General Nick Rose did it in week 3, the USFL has a new Record for Longest Field Goal! Here are all the PB's made these past two weeks;

  • MICH Panthers Kicker Cole Murphy kicks a 56 yard FG (League Record) (PB)

  • HOU Gamblers Punter Andrew Galitz punted for a Net Avg. of 36.3 (Personal Best)

  • MICH Panthers Punter Kyle Kramer punts 45 yards (Personal Best)

  • NJ Generals Kicker Austin Jones kicks a 31 yard FG (Personal Best)

  • PIT Maulers Kicker Ramiz Ahmed kicks a 51 yard FG (Personal Best)

  • PIT Maulers Punter Max Duffy punted for a Net Avg. of 36.6 (Personal Best)

  • PIT Maulers Punter Max Duffy punts 51 yards (Personal Best)

  • PHI Stars Kicker Luis Aguilar kicks a 49 yard FG (Personal Best)

  • PHI Stars Punter Luis Aguilar punts 49 yards (Personal Best)


Thank you for making it this far in my article! Please let me know what you think about the article through the contact page! Have a good day everyone :)


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